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Machine Monitoring System
The CYNCED Machine Monitoring System (MMS) is a solution for monitoring CNC machines by aggregating process data, sensor readings, and camera feeds. The system utilizes a CYNCED Edge data acquisition device, or a more fully featured CYNCED Station to collect the data. This data is transmitted and stored locally on-site in a CYNCED Local server, or uploaded to the secure CYNCED Cloud. Access to the data is enabled via a secure web API, which also allows third party application integration.
Edge + Station Devices
The CYNCED Edge is a headless device linked to a CNC machine on the local area network through which it collects and stores raw data. The CYNCED Station is a more powerful device that includes a human-machine interface (HMI) and offers additional functionality such as machine status view, machining program editing, simulation, bar code scanning, and general station management.
Local + Cloud Solutions
The CYNCED Local is localized data storage, processing, and presentation solution. The local server aggregates data collected from machines on the local area network and serves the data via an API and a web portal or web app. The CYNCED Cloud is a parallel solution which stores the data in a secure server on the cloud, providing data access remotely, securely, and accessible from anywhere.
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